Weyland Photography

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Environmental Singles

It seems efforts to shape Mother Nature to our own needs are often short sighted, riddled with mismanagement and loaded wih unforeseeable consequences.  These images represent my evolving investigation into our ‘management’ of the natural world.

The Life Outside

Herbert Gains is a 71 year old homeless man, who resides in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood.  Problems with alcohol led to a divorce with his wife about a decade ago.  “I don’t want to be a burden on nobody,”  Gains says, ” [and] I don’t want nobody to bring me no burdens.”

Born HIV+

The devastation and pain that HIV causes families has been well documented.  However, what is not frequently realized is how the virus can be passed to children and continue to threaten families and strain finances.  In Mexico, less than one quarter of pregnant women can access medication to prevent transmission to their child.  This series of images is a portrait of one such family.

Current Portfolio

Images from projects (past and present), singles and chance encounters that demonstrate my evolving visual approach and general aesthetic.