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Born HIV+

The devastation and pain that HIV causes families has been well documented.  However, what is not frequently realized is how the virus can be passed to children and continue to threaten families and strain finances.  In Mexico, less than one quarter of pregnant women can access medication to prevent transmission to their child.  This series of images is a portrait of one such family.

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Managing Scarcity

California:  Two thirds of the state is a desert, transformed into an agricultural Eden and urban playground by the greatest public engineering works, in scale and number, the world has seen. Consequences of our massive remaking of the landscape include:  A stable, domestic food supply, a vast agricultural economy, damned streams, depleted fisheries, and endangered species – all against the backdrop of climate change and a vanishing resource.  This essay, which is still in progress, looks to capture this duality and provide a visual portrait of the various entrenched interests. Also, I am creating a stock archive on the issue.  Click here to see over 400 images centered around this topic.